Term Insurance

Term Insurance is the simplest and most cost effective way of providing future financial security for your dependents in any unforeseen event. It is a pure form of insurance protection that pays a predetermined sum if the insured expires during a specified period. On the demise of the insured person, term insurance pays the face value of the policy to the nominated/legal beneficiary.

How much cover does a person need?

The amount of life insurance that a person needs can vary a great deal with regard to his or her financial obligations and responsibilities. When determining an appropriate amount of death benefits, it is important to add up all personal costs that a person’s survivors would be responsible for should the insured pass away. These needs include not only short-term expenses but also long-term financial obligations such as funding their child’s education.

Benefits of Term Insurance

1. Offers financial security to your family in your absence
2. Higher sum assured at a lowest premium
3. Pays off all loans and liabilities
4. Provides supplementary income


Deciding on the life insurance policy that is right for you can be a daunting task.
At Platinum, our specialist life insurance experts are happy to talk you through a wide range of options, including whole life insurance.
We will help you unravel the complexity of the insurance world and find the right life insurance solution, tailored for your specific needs.

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Critical Illness

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Endowment Plan

Provides a sum assured should the life assured pass during the policy term or a maturity value should the life assured survive the policy term.

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Business Keyman Protection

Provides a sum assured payable to the business should any high-ranking employees pass away during the policy term to assist with any financial responsibilities for the business.

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